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We can turn your business into a national brand through franchising.

providing the most customer aligned service. Low cost & sales focused.

Could your company be franchised? Similar to securing investors, franchising enables you to raise funds whilst recruiting a committed and uniquely motivated team at the same time (being your franchisees).  

Franchise My Business enables you to grow your business faster & larger, whilst reducing your capital investment, risk and the challenges of directly employing a large team.

The Only Company of our kind. we deliver franchise Growth like no other can. 

Do you want to simply form a franchise or do you want to create a successful network of franchisees and grow revenue? We focus on the latter like nobody else. 

Enjoy the rewards of realising the full potential of your business. Deliver your services to more people by turning your company into a business opportunity for others.

Delivering real results

1 to 100+ units

“James has extensive experience and a perceptive knowledge of franchising, both in the UK and Internationally.  He knows how to create and build a strong, yet balanced franchise partnership which gives the franchisee, and franchisor the best chance of success.  He has a critical eye for understanding how a business could develop a franchise model and he, and Franchise My Business are well placed to really help clients achieve business growth through franchising”

Andy Thompson, Chairman

Anytime Fitness UK

Leading Global franchise 

“James has extensive experience and a perceptive knowledge of franchising, both in the UK and Internationally.  He knows how to create and build a strong, yet balanced franchise partnership which gives the franchisee, and franchisor the best chance of success.  He has a critical eye for understanding how a business could develop a franchise model and he, and Franchise My Business are well placed to really help clients achieve business growth through franchising”

Andy Thompson, Chairman 

Anytime Fitness UK. from 1 to 175+ UK UNITS

Leading global franchise


Nitin Techandi


Having researched the franchise market in detail, I eventually selected Franchise My Business and they have just been amazing. The software is world class and I have secured several franchisees within our first 6 months. 

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Mike Lindsey

I selected James based on his history of scaling a number of leading UK franchises.

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Brian Keay & Luke Hannington


James and the team have been a pleasure to deal with and  excellent from the start, having secured 3 franchise sales within the first 8 weeks. We have now opened a second store (which the guys also helped with) and have several more about to open!     

Getting Real Results, For Real Clients. Today & Everyday.

Get In touch and find out how we have helped laser clinics meet their ambitious plans.

We have successfully disrupted the franchise market by aligning our business with the interests of our clients, (ambitious entrepreneurs like you). 

Our business model is based around the reality of growing your franchise through franchisee recruitment & sales. Unlike the rest of the market, we are not in the business of creating franchises for a fee. As a result we believe we have the most genuine and honest business model in the market place.
We offer a better alternative to the unjustifiably expensive and dated providers who may create a franchise to the level we do, only we do it at a fraction of the cost.

As for the other end of the market (providing template documents),  the most common result? Wasted Money, leaving you with a low quality franchise that will struggle to make sales in the franchise marketplace. The franchise industry being an unregulated sector, would certainly benefit from tighter governance. It's imperative that your franchise is developed with the adequate depth and professionalism or your marketing spend will be wasted and you will be exposed to ongoing operational & legal risks. 

Whilst the majority of our clients are small or medium sized businesses we also deliver franchise sales for some of the largest franchise companies worldwide.
We start with a discovery call focused on delivering value to you. We can answer any questions you may have, explain the franchise market and discuss the viability & potential of your business. Should you wish to progress, we usually arrange a further Zoom call to demonstrate how we deliver in practice and get results.  

A few of our Latest Clients

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you can be 100% confident of getting the greatest results with us. 

Our team offer you the greatest depth and breath of experience from developing many franchise systems and leading large franchise operations. We have directly delivered hundreds of franchise sales and managed several leading franchise brands in excess of 150 units. We now drive the largest franchise sales & marketing agency in the UK.  

Franchise your company and achieve full return on investment with your first franchise sale.

Franchise my business deliver bespoke, high level franchises which are robust enough to scale nationwide and are worthy of being sold to franchisees. We shall invest a great deal of time into developing your franchise, quite simply the development phase is certainly not fundamental to our profitability. You will be quickly impressed with our detail and delivery (it's not uncommon for clients to ask how we turn a profit!) 

we guarantee


We invite you to speak with any, or all of our clients, who range from new franchisors to some of the largest franchisors in the UK. 

As an extended part of your team, we help drive your company to a market leading position within franchising.


Each year there are hundreds of franchise sales secured, generating millions in upfront franchise fees. We can help your company take advantage of this self financing growth. 

current franchisor? we can help

We work with many existing franchise brands who have been promised the dream from franchise consultants, sometimes paying out really significant sums, but haven't got anywhere.


All is not lost, we provide free no obligation advice to get you back on track. Unfortunately, it does at times mean starting from fresh again, however we may only need to improve a few areas before turning on our powerful franchise sales and marketing team.  


Low Fee Or Results Based Success Only Fees. 

Can we be copied? anything's possible but we would most likely be challenged by a new market entrant than any other company that exist in the market today. As it stands our industry is populated with self employed consultants operating as micro businesses or sole traders who are at times branded as a singular organisation. 


We have made investments into our infrastructure and a commitment to the industry that will be hard to follow. We have an appetite for franchise sales and marketing like no other, after all, it can be tough work but our approach is exactly what a new franchise needs.


Having been approached by many established franchisors and other franchise formation companies to deliver sales for their clients we are clearly doing something different. Get in touch for a free demonstration today and see the difference for yourself.


we are hungry to repeat our success.

We reduce your risk with staged payments, only moving forward when you are satisfied.

Our business model itself is a practical guarantee as its linked to your success, more specifically, making franchise sales.

Limited commitment of your own time & investmentWe cover all aspects to help you professionally launch your franchise business and develop your brand into a successful franchise model. 

We can advise how many franchises you will likely sell, for how much and how fast! 

We shall take great satisfaction building your franchise from the ground up. We have the capability, network and experience to turn your business into a national brand. 

complete FRANCHISE system


Typical Formation Timeline: 3-4 months. 

Professional Cost Effective Formation Including Legals.

Services Include


Strategic Planning

  • Business & Brand Analysis

  • Franchise Modelling

  • Business Growth Plan: Sales & Marketing Strategy 

Franchise Structure

  • Territory Analysis

  • Fee Structuring

Franchise Documentation

  • Financial Modelling & Franchise Disclosure Documents

  • Operations Manual

  • Training Models

  • Marketing Collateral 


  • Trademark & IP Advisory

  • Franchise Agreement

We leverage the latest technology to professionally form your franchise and go to market. You will have clear visibility across all data-points and timelines.


Industry leading franchise software within your business.

We empower both franchisors & their franchisee network through powerful software & services. Similar softwares are used in leading franchises at a cost of several thousand £ per month. We provide this software to our clients free of cost.  

our system combines the functionality of 12 leading platform's in one place.

From a sales and operations perspective, prepare to have your mind and competitors blown away. In short, we shall ensure your franchise will operate as a market leader from day one.   

your own bespoke franchise intranet.

Franchisees can follow your training, updates, events or even make purchases directly from our platform which can be branded as a backend of your website with individual franchisee login's.  

of course we use all this tech to recruit franchisees for you!

You will certainly stand out from all other franchises. Attract quality franchise partners with the most professional systems that will support their success.


world beating SAAS inside your company.

Lead aquisition & Sales Fulfilment software 

Your own powerful CRM & sales funnels with automated outbound messaging for text, emails, online appointment booking & reminders. Complete with on-line signature, document sending and long-term nurture sequencing. 

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Screenshot 2021-02-09 at 22.48.28.png

help your franchisees into business with ease.



tailored mobile app for your franchisees



Unique to our clients & a "little" Pizza franchise you might know.


On-board your franchisees with our comprehensive program. Set tasks, track progress and save time. Rest assured you are covered with a standardised, repeatable and trackable process.    






Your interim Franchise Growth Director.



Expertly Manage Network Growth Across The UK. 

For current franchisor's or as your new franchise network begins to grow and scale, we expertly support the growth of your franchise in a way that suits you. Our flexible, cost effective franchise advisory & management service enables you to leverage our experience working within the world's leading franchises.


Allow our hindsight to be your foresight. Scale better & faster, plus save time and costs. We specialise in developing contender brands into market leaders and ensuring new franchisors gain traction and market share versus established competition.   

Services Include


  • Brand Review

  • Financial Review

  • Marketing Evaluation

  • Franchisee On-Boarding 

  • Network/Franchisee Performance Management 

  • Recruitment Selection Support 

  • Training Plan Development

  • Coaching, Mentoring & Accountability

We will be there for you throughout each phase of your franchising journey. As a long-term partner, we are here to answer questions, formulate strategies, define operations and provide support when and how you need it. 

Leading franchise sales & Franchisee recruitment.

Outsourced Franchisee recruitment via our franchise sales hub.

Sell More Franchises With Our Expert Franchise Marketing & Unique Franchisee Recruitment Company.

We excel in franchisee recruitment, delivering our unique services via our Franchise Sales Hub which offers tailored franchise marketing & integrated call centre services. Our end to end service delivers cost effective lead generation, screening, qualification, joint-discovery days & franchise partner selection.  

Having overseen hundreds of franchise sales and secured several million in franchise fees, we shall devise a Franchise Marketing Plan, specific to your budget, industry and ambitions.

Services Include

  • Franchise Marketing  

  • Integrated Call Centre (Enquiry Handling)

  • Lead Generation, Management & Conversion 

  • Franchise Discovery Days

  • Franchise Sales fulfilment  

  • Bespoke SAAS/CRM  


Reduce your fixed overhead related to hiring, training and retaining sales and marketing staff. Our team provides you with the experience, expert skills and CRM/Telephony systems you need instantly and you’ll take confidence that we back what we do by working on a success fee basis. 

giving back.


Our team have created and lead many large franchised businesses. Having sat at director & board level for some 15+ years, which included a significant sale, we now help new and existing franchisors fulfil their potential. 

As an extended part of your team, we will help you scale your businesses to a market leading position. At times we will financially invest or exchange work for equity in the businesses we work with. Importantly we are consistently selected by those who have conducted comprehensive due diligence into ourselves versus the alternative options.

There's nothing better than putting our experience to use and making friends along the way. Our reputation and the success of the franchises we promote is crucial for us. We will stand by your business long term and  introduce you to our community of franchisors, funders, franchisee networks and other crucial partners. 


DIY Packs.

Please be aware, D.I.Y franchise template options exist to relieve those of funds who can least afford to lose them. If your business is healthly enough to be sold as a franchise opportunity to others, the reasonably small cost of franchising with us, which can be paid in stages and should be returned to you fairly quickly, should not be a barrier to doing things properly. 

Many franchises are created each year then simply sit on the shelf. We focus on delivering long term franchise success, rather than earning fees for creating franchises. If your core business isn't quite ready to be franchised, we can help get the business to the right level first. 

A word of caution. 

Should you be providing the slightest consideration towards the D.I.Y route, get in touch first. We can provide you with a free demonstration in order to complete your gaps in knowledge and help you make an informed decision. At this stage, you do not know, what you do not know. 

After a demo, it will become quite clear why the cheapest options will not serve you. You shall not receive value simply because something is cheap, especially when you are able to find all the same documents free online! Many of our franchise clients who initially made the mistake of purchasing the various D.I.Y packs, have provided us with copies of such templates, we would be happy to forward these docs on to you free of charge.

find out more



A Range of Packages For Every Budget



Delivering Franchise Growth Through Quality Lead Generation, Management & Sales Conversion 



We Support Your Journey Like No Other. Our Team Are Experienced In A Wide Range Of Sectors  



Recent Client Success Stories & Testimonials 

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a Successful franchise together.